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Among other high business priorities is quality. I am a firm believer of the famous saying: "do it right the first time so there won't be a second time." Perseverance, persistence, and purposefulness are key adjectives that I keep on my mind while handling projects. Without perseverance, you lack motivation. Without persistence, you lack satisfaction. Without purposefulness, you lack the focus of running a business. Working several maintenance technician jobs prior to starting my business has instilled job quality into my work ethics.


Being the sole proprietor of my business brings a greater need of motivation than an ordinary job. My main motivation is God, who motivates me day and night through all situations. Knowing that by helping others, He will help me in my times of need gives me a sense of comfort when performing jobs. Faith is my strongest motivation for all aspects of life, not just my business.

My second motivation is my wife, Kaysey. Kaysey is the reason is the reason I strive to become a better person as well as a better handyman. She has been  great business partner even with everything else that goes on in our daily lives. Handling the finances, she relieves me of certain stresses and burdens faced by others in the field. Another motivation for me is the want, and need, to be able to solely provide for my wife and future children. I want them to have the best upbringing spiritually, financially, and with as least stress as possible. Providing a healthy, stable life for my family is my main focus after serving God.

Last, but not least, I am a source of motivation for myself in certain ways. I have confidence in myself to build this business every single day. The combination of my passion to help others and my ability to fix things allows me to have a strong motivation to work every day without dreading it.


Key to Success

Gregory A. Davis

Sole proprietor of Davis Home Maintenance & Repairs.

Davis Home Maintenance and Repairs